Get Your Prayer Cloth Today!

Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them. Acts 19:11-12

Faith can be found from Genesis to Revelation in your Bible. Faith is activated by our prayers. One of the major components of releasing your faith is activating it. We are all given a “measure of faith” according to Romans 12:3. Prayer cloth can be a conduit from the faith in you, to the miracle in which you need. Remember, there is no “magic” in a prayer cloth. It is merely a point of contact to reach God.

A prayer cloth can be a conduit from the measure of faith within you, to the miracle in which you need!

Throughout the Scriptures, we see clear proof that God can use any medium to express Himself. God used the medium of Paul’s handkerchief and aprons to heal the sick. God used the medium of Moses’ staff to split the Red Sea. God used the voice of His servants, Peter and John to raise a crippled man. God used the medium of a dirty river to heal Namaan. God expressed Himself through the medium of sound at the time of Pentecost. God used David’s catapult to defeat the giant Goliath. Jesus used mud and saliva to heal a blind man. God used the medium of Peter’s shadow to heal the sick. Elders were instructed to pray for the sick with oil.

God can use any medium to express Himself.

Electricity cannot get to where it needs to go without the wires, or the conduit, to get there. The wires transfer the power to the place where it’s needed. Likewise, a prayer cloth is nothing unless a prayer in faith is offered up, and a tangible, transferrable anointing goes forth. Use a prayer cloth as your conduit, or point of contact, to focus your belief in God for the particular need you have. Make this an act of faith, then turn your heart and mind toward God to bring your miracle!

A prayer cloth is nothing unless a prayer in faith is offered up, and a tangible, transferrable anointing goes forth.

During our recent Raised to Deliver conference, Apostle John Chi prayed for one whole week under instruction of the Holy Spirit for the prayer cloths. One the last day we gave them out to people to use as a point of contact for their miracle. This prayer cloth is FREE and we don’t ask for donation in order to obtain it. We only ask that you share your TESTIMONY with us in Jesus name. At this time, we can only send prayer cloth within the USA! 


Lord, I thank You for giving me the ability and the faith to reach out to you. Just as the woman with the issue of blood reached out and touched the hem of Your garment, I reach out to You today with full assurance that You hear me when I call. No situation, no sickness and no adversity is too big for You! I receive all that you have for me in this season of miracles.


  1. Tuerere Chaney says: ·

    Good morning Hungry Generations! I’m so grateful that you messaged me to offer me a prayer cloth. I humbly accept that mantle from Apostle John Chi.I have enjoyed Hungry Generation and admire the passion of ppl for God. Hugs and kisses for the Hungry Generation believers in Christ!!!!!! God bless!!!!

  2. Mercy says: ·

    Thank you for reaching out to me about the prayer cloth. I know that my past is over and I’ll testify to the glory of God. Stay blessed!!!

  3. Jenn ham says: ·

    The prayer cloth offer is a surprise blessing since in spite of all my efforts I couldn’t get quite plane ticket to the event. We thank God for this chance to partake in this missed event. I know there’s no distance in prayer and wait expecting to receive grace, favor, power and miracles through this impartation. God bless you. I am surprised that it comes totally free. Unheard of…. God bless.

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