First Visit


We are excited that you are interested in visiting Hungry Generation! We’d love for you to join us for a Sunday service. Here’s some information on what you can expect at a weekly service.

What do I wear?

We are more interested in you getting connected, not what you’re wearing. Typically, most people wear semi-casual attire, but feel free to wear what is comfortable to you.


Our coffee shop is open at 9am on Sundays. If you are coming for the first time, a cup of coffee is on us. We offer tea, coffee and other drinks.

Attend a Service

We have weekly services at 10 am on Sunday. The services are less than 2 hours and include music & singing, testimonies, prayer, and message.


We offer nursery for infants 0-3 years (infant to toddler). Kids church is from 4-11 years old. You can check in your kids before the service and pick them up after service.


Most small groups are comprised of 3-10 people who gather weekly for Bible study, prayer, and food.

About HungryGen

Our church was birthed out of a simple idea Pastor Vasiliy had, to help people who: don’t know God, have had a church experience void of a connection to God, and to help people find freedom and healing from their pastor hurts and habits.

In the year of 2001 with initial few families, they started praying and seeking God’s guidance and provision for the new church. After two years of of praying and fasting, we purchased a property for the church on August of 2003. It took us few years to learn English, since more of the initial families just immigrated from former soviet union. Very soon our services were all english with purpose of reaching out to our community.

From the very beginning, Hungry Generation was determined to provide a safe place for people, in different stages on their journey of faith, to grow spiritually. Our worship style and messages are passionate and engaging and our atmosphere is very friendly. We highly value relationships and encourage people to join Home Groups, which are available for all ages.

We are passionate about people finding hope through faith in Jesus. We are excited about what God is doing in Hungry Generation Church and invite you to become a part of that family. Come and see how exciting church can be.

Pastor Vlad

Vlad was born in Ukraine, immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 13, and became a youth pastor at the age of 17. In his free time, he enjoys rollerblading and drinking coffee with his wife. His favorite quote is, “I am a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody who can save anybody.”

Pastor Ilya

Ilya was born to be a leader. Being the first of 7 siblings, started young on leading and guiding others. A passion to lead and raise others to their fullest potential in many avenues. He enjoys business, music, ministry and spending time with his wife of 10 years. Along with his pride and joy, his daughters Eliana and Emma.

Malachi mendez

Malachi has entered into the second year of being married to his beautiful wife. He was born in Washington state and raised in the Tri-cities area. He is a professional singer/songwriter and assists in co-producing and doing music traveling throughout the Northwest and other parts of the country. His heart and passion is to raise the next generation of worship leaders and to help those in worship to expand past their gifts, talents and limitations into Holy Spirit lead worship that breaks the chains of the devil and brings souls to Christ.