Money matters

The Bible has 2350 verses on money, which is twice as much as on faith and prayer combined. 15% of Jesus’ teachings were about money. That is more than hell and Heaven combined. The only subject Jesus spoke about more than money was on the Kingdom of God.

It’s true, money can not buy you everything! Money can buy a house, but not a home. Money can buy a bed, but not sleep. Money can buy a clock, but not time. Money can buy a book, but not knowledge. Money can buy food, but not an appetite. Money can buy position, but not respect. Money can buy blood, but not life. Money can buy a ticket to anywhere but heaven. 

From Adam to  the promise land, families ruled the world. 
From Joshua to Jesus’ death, armies ruled the world. 
From Rome to Middle Ages, religion ruled the world. 
From Middle Ages to Communism, politics ruled the world.
From Communism till now, business rules the world. 

Someone jokingly said that the golden rule of our generation is whoever has the gold makes the rules. 

Money matters. How we make it, how to spend it will determine our reward in Heaven and blessing on earth. 


  1. manuel david says: ·

    Shocking to hear that,i would need more verses about how to have it

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