Comparison Trap

Hungry Generation

Pastor Martin shared a powerful messaged on the Trap of Comparison. Many times we begin to compare our lives to other people, our future and our past that it cripples our present. We need to always remember that we were made in the image and likeness of God not man. Be blessed as you listen to this message.


  1. Seth Anison says: · ·Reply

    My nameis Seth Anison,, reside in California. Since the year 2007 that I lost my job I haven’t been able to find a new job. I have masters degree in business administration but no success. I planned to attend the conference but I was invited to a job interview yesterday so I wasn’t able to attend. Please Apostle John Chi pray for me to have a breakthrough in my job search. This has affected my financial situation, difficult to make ends meet. Whatever be my sins which is blocking my progress, please man of GOD deliver me.

  2. Seth Anison says: · ·Reply

    I need prayers fora breakthrough.

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