Worship Leaders: Worship does not revolve around you.

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Your role as a worship leader starts way before Sunday service comes along. Our worship starts before we step foot on the stage with fancy lights and a room full of anticipation. The worship leader is a spiritual leader. You have been called by God to specifically lead his people into his presence and to bring him glory. You may …

Weekend Experience: Pastor Vlad

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Pastor Vlad will continue “Towels & Titles” series. Growth Track Step 1  (11:30pm) There will be holy communion and prayer for healing at both services.

Worship Leaders: God and Your Gift

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When I was a little girl I dreamed of singing for thousands of people on the biggest stages and traveling all around the world. Despite my tendency to be shy at times, I was still thrilled and often overwhelmed with elaborate daydreams of being a great entertainer for all to see and enjoy. However, throughout my life the Lord has …