How to Find a Spouse (Example of Shoes)

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For those of you who work out or go running, you know how important it is to have good shoes. You can’t work out or run while wearing dress shoes. Women know how painful it is to wear high heels for an extended period of time. There are shoes that are intended to make you look good and then there …

Sexual Sleep

Sexual Sleep

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Pastor Vlad started his new series based on his book Single, Ready to Mingle. He talked about the foundation of every relationship that God has established form the beginning of time. He shared from the book of Genesis and some powerful truths to find blessing in our relationships. 7-Day devotional based on this series Order “Single, Ready to Mingle” today

Fish Love

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Do you love fish? For a large majority of people, the answer is probably yes. If you are a guy, there is a chance you probably enjoy fishing as well.  As for me, I love fish.  However, I want to set something straight about this. To get a fish, one must deceive the fish by throwing out a line and …

Keep Your Underwear On

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“Purity is freedom from adulteration or contamination” as defined by dictionary. Or “freedom from immorality, especially of a sexual desire.” It’s being innocent, clean, unmixed, spotless, genuine, sincere, absolute. Free from guilt and free from mixture. We must maintain purity at all cost. Purity is the practice of Christian life. Only the pure in heart will see God (Mt.5:8). We …

My Dearest Friend

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As Jimmy Evans often says, “the greatest needs in a man is respect, sex, friendship with his wife, and domestic support.” You might have read that in a book or heard it in a podcast a few times, but I want to remind you how truly invaluable it is on being a friend to your spouse. I want to express …

Dating is like Driving

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Physical and emotional purity is only possible if you do not let your passions alter your principles. God has set principles in His Word to help us navigate through our single years. These principles include not looking at dating as a way to fix our emotional pain; not dating someone who does not share our faith; and not allowing a …

4 Myths of Marriage

4 Myths of Marriage

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Many walk into marriage with HIGH EXPECTATIONS and LOW PREPARATIONS which usually results in GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT. In the Bible story Jacob thought he was marrying the love of his life, but woke up with totally different story. He thought he went to bed with Rachael, but woke up with Leah. So many marriages are like that, it’s not what they …